Latin NCAP re-elects Stephan Brodziak as the Chairman of the Board of Directors

Through elections held in the General Assembly in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Latin NCAP members have re-elected Stephan Brodziak in representation of El Poder del Consumidor, as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the next 3 years. Stephan Brodziak continues his work as President which began in 2020.

Stephan Brodziak is the coordinator of the Vehicle Safety Campaign of El Poder del Consumidor in Mexico and has been a member of Latin NCAP since 2015. El Poder del Consumidor is an organization that has promoted high impact campaigns on vehicle safety for several years in Mexico and has become a benchmark on the subject.

Stephan Bordziak, Chairman of Latin NCAP Board of Directors said:

“It is a great honour to be re-elected President of Latin NCAP’s Board of Directors. I greatly appreciate the trust placed in me by both the members of the General Assembly and the Secretariat. A horizon of many challenges is looming, such as achieving the integration of the governments of the region to the Board of Directors, the implementation of vehicle safety labelling in our countries and achieving financial independence. I take these challenges with great enthusiasm to contribute to the progress of the programme, strengthen consumer culture and encourage the update of vehicle safety regulatory framework in Latin America. All of this with the ultimate goal that governs the efforts of Latin NCAP: reducing human suffering caused by road accidents.”

Alejandro Furas, Secretary General of Latin NCAP said:

“Latin NCAP is grateful for the work and commitment of Stephan Brodziak as Chairman of the Board of Directors and is optimistic about this new stage that is beginning, which involves new challenges in terms of sustainability, new roles in the market and new opportunities. El Poder del Consumidor has made an invaluable contribution to Latin NCAP and Stephan Brodziak in particular has provided important leadership for the organization, being an outstanding representative at a regional and global level. We hope to be able to keep with that same passion and dedication in this new stage with the objective of continuing to advance towards safer vehicles and towards the democratization of vehicle safety in the region."