Seatbelt Reminder

The seatbelt is the single-most effective item of safety equipment in any car. They represent the core of the restraint system and manufacturers continue to develop new and better belts to provide improved protection. All car passengers must always use seatbelts. However, many passengers continue to travel without wearing their seatbelts and such people are vastly represented in statistics of severe and fatal injuries.

Research shows that occupants are much more likely to wear their seatbelts in cars equipped with Seatbelt Reminders (SBR) than in those without. During driving tests, the belts are buckled and unbuckled and the loudness and duration of the audible signal given by the SBR is assessed. The the United Nations will require in the near future, the SBR for all vehicle seats and not just in the front row.


The assessment is in line with United Nations requirements, audible and road warnings that are perceptible and persistent over time. The assessment is technically defined in the Latin NCAP Protocols and is carried out for the front and rear seats.

How safe is your car?