Latin NCAP encourages manufacturers to take responsibility for the protection of children and to provide appropriate devices for the fitting of Child Restraint Systems (CRS). There are many CRS users that place them incorrectly to the vehicle, thereby committing the protection provided to children. Latin NCAP promotes improved CRS designs and ISOFIX anchorages equipment. The ISOFIX system represents a safer CRS fix to the car as its first objective seeks to reduce improper installation methods.

The rating for child occupant protection is provided through the evaluation ofthe CRS dynamic behaviour in frontal and side impact tests, the capacity of the car that various CRS from representative markets of Latin America and the Caribbeancan be correctly installed without problems, and finally the ability of the car to safely installa CRS.

CRS used for tests are recommended by the vehicle manufacturer from a list of CRS that showed good performance in CRS consumer tests and that are available in the market following Latin NCAP requirements.

How safe is your car?