Latin NCAP evaluates the active/primary safety equipment of the models, providing fundamental points as requirements to get the best possible ratings..

ESC is the most significant advance in vehicle safety since the introduction of the seat belt and one of the most important crash avoidance systems currently available. This anti-skid technology has already helped prevent hundreds of thousands of loss of control crashes and saved tens of thousands of lives.

This technology is necessary to reach four and five stars for adult occupant, as long as it complies with the availability required by Latin NCAP and technically manages to pass the test according to UN standards.

The system is assessed by performing a series of so called “sine-with dwell” tests, based on an actual double lane change manoeuvre. These tests are carried out at 80 km/h with sudden steering wheel rotations up to 270 degrees. The sideways displacement, the stability and the vehicle’s ability to follow a straight path are evaluated. A robot that acts precisely on the vehicle is used for this procedure.

How safe is your car?