Latin NCAP information to consumers

In recent crash tests of the Chevrolet Tracker, Latin NCAP has noticed and verified the risk of fire in the front seatbelts pretensioners mounted in the base of the B-pillar. The risk of fire exists in scenarios when the pretensioners are fired.

This same event had already motivated a recall of the same car more than 12 months ago. The unit used by Latin NCAP for its tests had this update from the previous recall.

Latin NCAP has also verified that in an impact the release of the front passengers buckle shows difficulty using the usual methods of release.

Latin NCAP is in contact with the car manufacturer and has notified the relevant governments that have direct involvement in this case.

Users of this model and its potential buyers are now informed of the situation and are asked to take precautions. Latin NCAP publishes the results of all the models tested, however, in this case the absolute priority is for these potential risk scenarios.

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