Latin NCAP testing policy – June 2021 update

1) When a model is selected for assessment, the most basic safety equipped variant (or lowest safety specification) is chosen across all markets covered by Latin NCAP. Car manufacturers are welcome to sponsor better equipped versions, for example with optional equipment, regardless of who has sponsored the original model assessment. In this case, Latin NCAP may comment on the better equipped variant’s performance in the publication and the test results, but it will not officially rate this version as the equipment is not standard. Once the optional equipment tested becomes standard in production, Latin NCAP will update the rating as soon as possible, indicating the date of production and VIN number as from when the fitment changes were introduced.

2) In some cases, the car manufacturer introduces changes in production or so-called design improvements after (or in response to) a Latin NCAP publication. It is the car manufacturer’s responsibility to prove any claims of improvements under the same testing scenarios, having the model tested again by Latin NCAP. Where an assessment of the improved model is not voluntarily sponsored by the car manufacturer, the actual effectiveness of the improvements remains unproven, and Latin NCAP will keep the original rating as the evidence-based result that represents that model on sale.

As long as the improved model stays untested, Latin NCAP’s official position is that the changes implemented to the tested model would not bring significant improvements to the star rating for that model. The car manufacturer implicitly accepts that the Latin NCAP’s published result applies to the improved version of that model as well.

3) In some cases, car manufacturers decide to update a model immediately after nomination, with the intent to achieve a better star rating. Latin NCAP welcomes this action and remains as supportive as possible to meet reasonable timing and proper consumer communication. When the car manufacturer decides to improve the model by making equipment standard (before or after publication), or to show optional equipment performance, the sponsorship costs will also include all of the costs that Latin NCAP incurred for the additional assessments needed to complete the full model rating(s). Latin NCAP discourages speculation from car manufacturers on their models being selected for assessment.

4) Latin NCAP will be more assertive and publicly challenge manufacturers if inaccurate or premature information about test results are publicly communicated with the intention to mislead or confuse consumers.