Goodbye and thank you so much Max

With deep grief Latin NCAP mourns the physical loss of Max Mosley.

Max is undoubtedly the leader and promoter of vehicle safety as we know it today, not just on the tracks but in a wider scope, on the streets and roads of the world.

In 1997 he founded Euro NCAP and from there he catapulted vehicle safety and more than anything else he pushed for its democratization, we all have the right to have good safety. Together with David Ward he created the FIA Foundation and has promoted and chaired Global NCAP from where the newest NCAP Programmes such as Latin NCAP, ASEAN NCAP, India and Africa were later developed.

Alejandro Furas, Secretary General of Latin NCAP:

It is a huge loss for those who had the opportunity and honour to work with him. We learned a lot from him and he has been a unique and great inspiration. His great contribution, drive, decision and intelligence are the main engines of the NCAP Programmes that will make his indelible legacy last over time¨.

Latin NCAP salutes his family and friends with affection, that with pain are going through this hard time of his departure.

Until Later Max. Thank you very much.

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